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IPA package for Hop Heads! - Denmark

IPA package for Hop Heads! - Denmark

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If you like IPA, you'll love the fresh hop scent that can range from tropical fruit to the scent of a pine forest. The bitter aftertaste will make you happy and enjoy the different characters of Black IPA, White IPA, Mango IPA and our flagship "Tree Hugging IPA" aged on American wood chips.

Did you know that IPA stands for Indian Pale Ale? This beer was developed by the English breweries in the seventeenth century, when they sent beer to India to supply the English soldiers with beer. This beer was hoppier and stronger in alcohol than the standard English Ale and could therefore survive the long journey to India.

This box contains the following beers:

2 x Tree Hugging Wood Chopping Mother Nature Loving IPA

3 x Black is Black And I Want My Baby Back, Black Rye IPA

2 x Flip Flopped White Socked Strong Hopped White IPA

3 x Jah Jah Rub A Dub Mango IPA

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