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Taste our new beer! A real Finnish Black Metal Ale.

For many people, the dark winter months are difficult to get through. I've been thinking for a long time about a new beer that could very well match this season.

I chose for the first time to give a Finnish name to this beer. All our other beers have an English name, as you know. And all names are long, so this Finnish name is long too.


As a NoMad brewer I have been living in Finland for almost thirty years. That's why I thought it was nice to develop a beer that fits very well with Finland and reflects something of that feeling. In the north, the seasons are much more extreme than in the Netherlands. Summers are pleasantly warm and beautiful. And what is really special: at night it remains light! In winter it is cold and very dark. In Lapland, the sun does not rise above the horizon for 3 months, so it remains dark all day long. In other words: BLACK! The new beer had to be black in color!

The Finns love rye bread and eat it every day, just as we mainly eat wheat bread. The shelf at the bakers is full of all kinds of rye bread. You understand that rye has become an important ingredient for this beer.

Finland is known worldwide for its Metal music. Hard to imagine for the Dutch, but Heavy Metal is really the most popular music style there. We became aware of this when Floor Jansen from the Finnish band Nightwish participated in "De Beste Zangers" and also told them about Finland and Metal music. This Metal music also fits the rugged landscape of that country. Finland is very sparsely populated and covered with vast forests. In the dark months, the Finns feel melancholy and eagerly look forward to summer and the light again.

Very quickly I came up with the idea to approach the beer style creatively and call it   Black Metal Ale! You can taste those dark winter months back here and hear the music of a Finnish Metal band in the background!

And then that Finnish name! What does that mean?? The term "Helvitin Hyvä" sounds very diabolical and hellish, but it is a well-known expression in Finland that means "Very Good" or in English "F**king Good!" The whole name "Helvetin Hyvä Mutta Aika Perkeleen Tumma" means "F**cking Good But Pretty Damn Dark" Black Metal Ale in English. Could we go even darker with that name?

The beer is brewed with 6 hop varieties, 6 malt varieties and has been hopped 6 times! For the alcohol content, we have also chosen to give the beer 6.66% abv! The Number Of The Beast!

This Black Metal Ale is heading towards an Imperial Black IPA. It has a firm bitterness and the smell is very impressive. In this beer we used a lot of hops, which you notice in the complex smell. The aroma of licorice, herbs, raisins, forest scents and fruit are examples of what you will find in the smell and taste. A hint of coffee and chocolate can also be tasted in the long aftertaste. The rye malt we use in this beer gives a dry spicy taste to the beer.

Despite all the dark and roasted ingredients, this beer remains very fresh with good drinkability.

We offer this beer in a pack of 6 bottles with more than 10% discount, and in a pack of 12 bottles with more than 15% discount.

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